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"The Federal Bureau of Investigation [2 volumes]: History, Powers, and Controversies of the FBI" by Douglas Charles and Aaron Stockham

A book was published in May 2022 : "The Federal Bureau of Investigation [2 volumes]: History, Powers, and Controversies of the FBI" by Douglas M. Charles and Aaron Stockham

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Douglas M Charles

 FBI Douglas M. Charles & Aaron Stockman


This is an encyclopedia of the FBI and a short article is dedicated to Leon Turrou. 


First, I have to introduce myself. My name is Bertrand Vilain. I am the author of a book in French: "Affaire Seznec : les archives du FBI ont parlé", last edition in 2022, not translated into English. The book is about the most known and mysterious French cold case that happened in Brittany, West of France, in 1923, called "L'affaire Seznec" or the Seznec Affair. Guillaume Seznec was sentenced to life in prison at the Cayenne penal colony. He claimed his innocence his entire life. This decision of justice is still considered today as one of the worse miscarriage of justice in France. The Seznec family has been fighting even until now. I met many times with Denis Seznec (grandson of Guillaume) who started the process of going back to court based on my book. Without entering into all of the details, Leon Turrou after leaving ARA (American Relief Administration) is strongly suspected of being involved in a traffic of Cadillacs in 1923 in relationship with Guillaume Seznec and Pierre Quéméneur. 


I had a long and courteous exchange of emails with Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones about Leon Turrou. Rhodri mentioned my research in his book "The Nazi spy ring in America". I am also in touch with Bertrand M. Patenaude of Stanford University who wrote "Big show in Bololand".

I do understand that Turrou is not a major character in the history of the FBI and there are only 2 pages in this book about him. I was surprised to see the contributor to this book about Leon Turrou was Richard Bareford. I had an exchange with him for a while but his point of view about Turrou was too complacent to be taken seriously. The only work produced by him is a biography of Turrou published without any reference, in 2017 on the web site findagrave. The sources of this biography are almost exclusively Leon Turrou's statements. There is no additional research or other sources. It appears that several statements are not proven or sometimes completely untrue. For instance...

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