Cunard Berengaria May 15 1923 Passengers list Aquitania Mauretania

R.M.S. Berengaria Cunard Line List of passengers May 21 1923 Cherbourg


In order to complete my research about the Seznec Affair, I am looking for the list of passengers  R.M.S.Berengaria from New York May 15 1923 to Cherbourg May 21 1923 and Soutampton May 22 1923 Voyage 19 Eastbound. Captain W.R.D. Irvine.

I am looking for the list of passengers desembarking in Cherbourg May 21 1923 at 16:00. I am more specifically looking for the passenger Leon Turrou (Turovsky). He is an american citizen who travelled from New York to Cherbourg France at that time. He travelled back home from Cherbourg to New York on SS Berengaria July 7 1923.

Berengaria passenger list july 7 1923

Leon Turrou Berengaria Cherbourg to New York July 7 1923

Leon G Turrou could also be on the passenger lists of :

Aquitania : from New York May 22 1923 to Cherbourg May 29 1923

Mauretania : from New York May 29 1923 to Cherbourg June 4 1923

If you have a copy of the passenger list or anyway to find it, please contact me :

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